Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! It’s my hope, desire and intention that you find useful ideas and resources here to grow your service-based business.

I launched my coaching & consulting practice back in the 90s and haven’t looked back! I’ve lived through great times, good times and not-so-good times. I’ve had to overcome faults and fears, some of which I’m still working on:-).

I understand the feast and famine nature of some businesses and have helped many business owners weather the storms and grow their practice, irrespective of the economy in which they operated.

I’d love to help YOU! I appreciate the challenges you have to face and overcome selling your expertise and intellectual capital to others who may be unaware of the preparation, devotion and commitment you’ve poured into garnering that expertise, along with the vision you have of making the world a better place through your offerings.

By way of background, I spent a few decades in Corporate America in a variety of disciplines prior to launching my coaching practice. Most of my work-life was in HR leadership roles with some great companies like Kraft Foods, Apple Computer, Bank of America, Sears (when it WAS a big deal), Sega and DreamWorks.

I worked as a Computer Programmer, Commercial Lender, Records Retention Specialist, Office Manager, Market Research Manager, Corporate Recruiter and HR Executive.

I learned important lessons at each f them, including the value of doing what you love! Life’s too short for anything else!

So, browse around. The site is pretty new right now but come back periodically and check out the new articles and resources I’ve created or found for you.

Our best days are yet to come!